Jim Brandenburg

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I love the story of  how Jim Brandenburg shot 1 photo every day for 90 straight days without breaking his idea. I was amazed at some of the shots he got considering he only had 1 photograph to use. Normally it would take someone hundreds of shots before they get one they really like because of all the factors that go into taking a photograph. I also really liked how he photographs nature and animals because it is his passion and true joy. I can relate to Jim when he talks about nature and how beautiful it is. I would love to do a project in which i could spend an extended period of time waiting for and capturing a magnificent story with one shot.

I remember a few months back seeing this picture of the wolf jumping from ice shelf to ice shelf, and being completely amazed at this photograph. Something about it caught my eye and has intrigued me ever since. I remember seeing this image between the yellow and white pages of National Geographic magazine , wondering to myself if the wolf ever made it to solid land. After seeing this film and after taking a closer look i would definitely say Jim Brandenburg is one of my favorite photographers to this point.


Viva La Revolucion

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I have been to downtown several times now, just to see this exhibition alone. I was amazed to see all the different street artists that came together in such an amazing collaboration. Walking through the museum itself, i was completely blown away with all the crazy pieces of art. I found the museum to be really entertaining as well as inspiring. I think my favorite piece of the museum was the trash can that produced beats. It scared the crap out of me and some friends standing a few feet away. Outside the museum itself i would have to say is where i found most of my favorite pieces. I loved Shepard Fairey’s Mural. Another artist that really inpired me was Vhils. The way the artist used billboard posters as layers of his work was incredible. On one of the pieces he did outside, he used car adds to make a Native American Indian face which was pretty cool. I would recommend seeing this museum for anyone who enjoys art and loves to see new and inspiring ways of doing it. All the different artists that collaborated togather in this exhibit made it special and will hopefully revolutionized the way people look at grafitti art


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This wasn’t the fisrt time i visited MOPA. i remember going down there freshman year with my girlfriend of the time to look at photos of native americans. I don’t remember the artist however i remember the artist used almost all sepia or black and white images. This time around i noticed the exibit to be much different in that the artists this time around used more abstarxt art however most of the images were still in black and white, and or in sepia. This probably was my least favorite museum visit because of the ordinary museum feal to it. In the other museums and exhibits i felt inspiration and relaxation, rahter in this one i felt more anxiety and boredom.

Art of Photography exhibition

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I did not attend the event personally, however i did look throughout e website and looked at the various pieces and artists in the exhibition.

I was really impressed with the pieces by Chris Sisarich. His work seems to have a gloomy and twisted side to it which makes it interesting and intriguing. Chris Sisarich’s, “Guy Alone” photo was pretty cool because it was so simple but yet it said so much. The guy standing alone in the open desert leaves you with a sense of loneliness and solitude. Sometimes i try to put myself into a picture or piece of artwork so i can connect with the artist, however this is one artist i would rather not try connect with because his work reminds me of loneliness.

I really liked this shot as well by Isidor Leontis. It is called “The Gates to Promised Land” for a good reason. To me this picture shows so much not just about the setting but at which speed and setting the camera is set at. The jets in the sky of this image show that this photo was shot at a super high shutter speed. I love these types of shots because they can only be seen still. You never really get to focus in on things like jets while in motion, however when slowed down like sidor Leontis does with this photo you can clearly see a jet still in motion.

Rick Smolan

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Listening to Rick Smolan speak about his early life and how how he became a photographer is really encouraging and inspiring to me. You can tell how down to earth and passionate he is about his work because of the excitement and enthusiasm in his voice when he talks about all his different adventures. It’s really encouraging as a college student to hear about Ricks story of success, from being practically homeless to famous photographer given the responsibility of following around world leaders and many entertainers.


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Ray Tafoya

Lydia Vassar

Rose Ramirez

Class Phot Shoot

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