Mt Baldy Stream

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Riverside Minor League Baseball

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On assignment for The Riverside Press-Enterprise I was fortunate enough to visit three different Minor-League ballparks all with their own unique vibe. The first game I shot was in San Bernardino between the Inland Empire 66’ers and the Lake Elsinore Storm. Out of the three stadiums I visited this one was the oldest but still in very good condition. Since it was my first day on assignment it was really cool being able to have access to all different parts of the ballpark not available to a regular audience. The second game I shot was In Lake Elsinore between the Storm and the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. I had a ton of fun at this game because it was super splash day at the park where temperatures reached 100 degrees. From dodging water balloons and buckets of water to Storm employees with hoses, I was able to keep my gear soak-free and managed to get a nice shot of the walk-off home run hit by Jason Hagerty that ran in the next day’s paper. The final game I shot was in Ranch Cucamonga between the Quakes and the Lake Elsinore Storm. Even though most of these Minor-League players aren’t getting anywhere close to the salary of those at the Major League level, these guys still seam to have the time of their lives. If you ever get a chance to see a minor league game you might be lucky enough to witness a mascot harass the umpire like he deserves, or an entire team mob an opposing mascot with pool toys for entering their dugout. The level of professionalism is still there however it comes with a sense of happiness and eagerness to take the field unlike that of a Major Leaguer. I guess when your playing professional baseball for a living life isn’t to bad, and when you get to shoot it for yours I guess that’s not too bad either.

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Quad X Championship Series

Sant Barbera

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These are some pictures I took when I was doing some work for my mom down in Santa Barbera. When I wasn’t tearing apart, and tileing my moms two bathrooms in her new house I was enjoying the beaches. I will always remember this weekend because I watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup final in my Moms condo near the beach. After Boston had won I was able to celebrate with cigar and a nice walk on the beach.

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When I woke up at 4:00am, Sunday June 5th, to chase around my sister and watch her compete in her first ever Marathon I thought I was going to witness people of all ages and gender push themselves to limits few ever get to do. Fast forward a few days and that’s exactly what I felt I had done. After about 3 hours and 10 miles of walking in 100 degree weather I had enough. My sister managed to run 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 2 minutes. She finished 17th overall for women out of over 2,000 that finished the race. I know she wanted to beat 3 hours but she should be super proud of herself for what she accomplished. She was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon, so this time next year a familly vacation will be in store  to watch her take to the streets of Beantown on Patriots Day.

At least once in my life i would like to run alongside my sister just to see what she puts her body through. I don’t think i could keep up for more than about 3 miles but i would patheticaly try. It was a lot of fun running through the streets of downtown San Diego, around the city parks, and finishing off at Sea World. I was able to film a decent amount of video, however I also managed to get some nice photographs of the racers as well as my sister, Whitney Patton.

Final prints

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Costco Print

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